Tommy Belesis, CEO & Founder

Tommy Belesis CEO of John Thomas Financial

After working in the investment banking industry on Wall Street for many years, Tommy Belesis decided to found his own business in 2007. He created John Thomas Financial, a company based in New York City that works to connect financial supporters with innovators in developing industries.

From its modest beginnings as a small investment bank, John Thomas Financial has expanded into an international business. With Tommy Belesis at the helm as CEO, the company also developed several important affiliate companies, including John Thomas Private Wealth Management, John Thomas Global Trading and JTF Insurance.

Tommy Belesis uses his experience working in the financial world and in the private sector to address world problems related to food, water and energy. He began collaborating with international leaders from the World Energy Forum in 2009 and still maintains a position today as an Executive Board Member. Additionally, Tommy Belesis is an important part of the United Nations Global Millennium Development Foundation. As Chairman of the Board, Tommy Belesis works to support major UN goals such as preventing outbreaks of HIV and AIDS and reducing poverty around the world. The foundation subsidizes its work by raising money among donors in the private sector.

Reflecting his commitment to world issues, Tommy Belesis also serves on the Board of Trustees at the New York Institute of Energy and Water. The institution is dedicated to researching and finding solutions for issues related to the environment, energy and water. Additionally, John Thomas Financial and many of its affiliated brands donate funding to companies that research alternative energy, gas, coal and oil.

Though Tommy Belesis is a leader at John Thomas Financial and in the financial world, he is also known for his work in other areas. Rudy Giuliani, the mayor of New York City, honored Tommy Belesis for his leadership, commitment and success with the Bronx GOP Man of the Year Award in 2009. The New York Republican County Committee granted a similar honor to Tommy Belesis in 2011 when they gave him the Businessman of the Year Award. The following year, officials at the Republican National Convention asked Tommy Belesis to visit as a delegate. He also serves on the Republican Finance Committee in New York as a co-chairman.

As an engaged and committed philanthropist, Tommy Belesis gives back to the community through his involvement with nonprofit organizations. He works closely with groups like the Greek America Foundation, Autism Speaks and the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. Tommy Belesis also supports The Newmark School, Gabrielle's Angel Foundation, rescue groups and charities that fight for animal rights. 

CNBC, FOX Business News and other media channels contact Tommy Belesis regularly to contribute to panels on finance, national politics and the economy.